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If you want to take advantage of the data that this applications puts out, feel free to use the weedprices API which is described below:

Overall Average price data for all drugs

URL: http://weedprices.biz/stats.json
Description: A JSON response with the average drug prices for all supported drugs.
  • date is when this average was calculated, in iso8610 format.
  • price is in US dollars per ounce of product. (despite the superflous decimal digits)
        date: "2013-08-11T13:45:55.394736",
        price: 923.3677121590913,
        drug: "mdma"
        date: "2013-08-11T13:46:01.988340",
        price: 318.6825281963037,
        drug: "weed"

All silkroad listings for a drug

URL: http://weedprices.biz/listings.json?drug=[drug]
Description: A JSON response with all listings for a given drug. Currently supported drugs: 'weed', 'mdma'
  • outliers is the number of listings (from the 'listings' field) that were ignored when calculating the worldwide average price. Prices that are extremely high and exremely low (most likely due to parsing errors) are ignored when calculating overall price averages.
  • thumb is a string that can be constructed into a url that will point to an image associated with the listing. The url is in the form "http://weedprices.biz/static/images/[thumb].jpg"
  • price is in bitcoins.
  • quantity is in ounces.
  • worldwide_avg_per_ounce is the average price of drug per ounce in US dollars (despite the extra decimal digits).
  • bitcoin_price is the price of bitcoin (in USD) at the time of this update.
    last_updated: "2013-08-11T16:04:21.341967",
    listings: [
            thumb: "3fab3d8b724954fe01cc8db7aba41807",
            title: "10 grams of high quality MDMA",
            url: "http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/silkroad/item/574132225a",
            country: "DE",
            price: 2.6343,
            seller: "Sukey(97)",
            quantity: 0.3527336860670194
            thumb: "51be77eb53d1b03a82c1efd30eb6420c",
            title: "SuperTrips 84% Pure MDMA (10g)",
            url: "http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/silkroad/item/ad6fe0c724",
            country: "US",
            price: 5.1912,
            seller: "UnderGroundSyndicate(98)",
            quantity: 0.3527336860670194
    drug: "MDMA",
    worldwide_avg_per_ounce: 929.7389493729887,
    bitcoin_price: 100.69,
    outliers: 62